More MassArt

Back for another morning at MassArt. Today I made more portraits of everyone, and got caught up on what the class has been working on. The current project revolves around wearables, and there is a lot of great thought happening with projects ranging from rings that help monitor blood sugar levels for diabetics to leggings that sense when a sports injury is imminent and tense-up to help mitigate injuries.

 Tools of the trade.

Exodus Bagels

Spent an early morning with Adam and Seth from Exodus Bagels as they baked off a batch of bagels for their weekly pop-up. Their current business model relies heavily on social media, and a couple of tweets about location and an Instagram post of what they're bringing will pretty much ensure everything they bake will be gone in a few hours of opening shop.


Starting work on a portfolio piece with a class at MassArt here in Boston, which I think has some great potential. In particular I'm working with some industrial design students and today I made some portraits of them working and then standing with their sketches. The current project is pretty cool, they're all designing small solar powered lights to be used in rural communities that don't have access to regular electricity.

CropCircle Kitchen

Today I started a project with CropCircle Kitchen, a collaborative community kitchen here in Boston with locations in the Jamaica Plain and Dorchester neighbourhoods. The kitchen not only provides a licensed commercial kitchen for food businesses to work out of, but also provides entrepreneurs with business assistance and planning. As an incubator it's launched some of my favourite places to eat, including: Clover, Voltage Coffee and BATCH ice cream.

The kitchen is in the process of a rebrand and we're creating a library of images that they'll use in their new website and other marketing materials. Today we focused on location shots.


Another couple nights of headshots with the ZUMIX crew. Along with Mario we also welcomed Bethany to the team. Great turnout, despite the weather, with musicians, bands, selfie taking businessmen, actors in role and lots of young professionals looking to spruce up their LinkedIn profiles. As before all images here taken by the Mario and Bethany.